Training activity, Sep 16, 2018 – Yutian

Innovation method extension and Application demonstration Class in Yutian County is supported by provincial funds based on the TRIZ theory of innovative methods training. To improve the innovation ability of scientific research personnel of Yutian county companies, to establish the promotion mechanism of technological innovation methods in Yutian county companies, and to assist the companies in Yutian county to set up technical innovation method teams and to help enterprises solve technical problems with innovative methods.

The training includes knowledge of the OIPEC project in Erasmus, including classical TRIZ theory, patent around design and other innovation theories. Through the training of "innovative engineers" in Yutian County companies, according to the actual needs of enterprises, the "innovation genes" will be transplanted into the R&D and management line of enterprises. We will comprehensively enhance the innovation awareness and ability of leaders and technical R & D personnel at all levels of the enterprise, assist enterprises to establish innovative teams, and gradually improve their independent innovation ability and the ability to industrialize their achievements.