Training activity, July 16, 2018 - Shijiazhuang

Main activities held at Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Innovation Service Center:

  • Shijiazhuang Innovation Promotion and Application Base License Signing
  • 2018 Shijiazhuang Innovation Method Application Promotion and Demonstration Training Class Opening Ceremony

Professor Guozhong Cao gave a lecture on complex problems and technological Innovation in Engineering after signing the contract and opening the base.

The training course of Shijiazhuang Innovation Center, based on the theory of problem solving, (TRIZ), integrates other classical design theories (PB,AD,QFD, TOC and 6 σ) to form a set of systematic training courses for innovation. At the same time of theoretical research, the course focuses on the combination of production, education and research, and applies TRIZ to engineering practice through cooperation with enterprises.

The training includes knowledge of the OIPEC project in Erasmus, including classical TRIZ theory, patent around design and other innovation theories. The purpose of this training course is to strengthen the independent innovation ability of the enterprises and universities in Shijiazhuang. The goal is to train innovative engineers for enterprises. Improve the innovative ability of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.