“Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” Course, December 13, 2017 - Tianjin

The prototype course Theory of Inventive Problem Solvingends on December 13th, 2017.

December 13th is the last day of “Theory of inventive problem solving” course, which means the first TRIZ course held in Tianjin University is completed. The course is taught by Professor Yongwei Sun, who is one of the most famous TRIZ expert in China.

“Theory of inventive problem solving” is inspired by a course named “product and service design”, held during the winter school in Grenoble, 2017, which is part of OIPEC training. During that course, students have to work as a group to create innovative idea and prototype. The mode was adapted in Tianjin University, in “Theory of inventive problem solving”. Besides, the second module of the course in Tianjin University talks about product design and produce optimization, including user need probe, product design, and product optimization and user test, which acts as a pilot training for OIPEC COILabs course “Applied Innovation and Entrepreneursip”. The objective of the prototype course is to help students understanding the theories of TRIZ and students will be able to utilize the core tooling of TRIZ, such as functional analysis, cause-effect chain analysis and clipping, description and solving of technology contradictories, and physical contradictories. There are five modules are covered by the course, including theory of TRIZ, product and service innovation design, development of TRIZ, creative thinking methods, and prototype workshop.

Lots of teachers and students are interested in the course and they would like to explore more about TRIZ in the future.