The OIPEC workshop “Technology Forecasting”, 15-17 March 2017 – Moscow

15-17 March 2017 the OIPEC workshop “Technology Forecasting” was organized by Lomonosov Mosocow State University (MSU), Faculty of Economics in a framework of Erasmus+ joint project.

Prof. Tuomo Kässi, prof. Leonid Chechurin and Dr Rahul Kapoor from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) presented the papers on technology management, technology evolution, quantitative and qualitative methods for technology landscaping and forecasting, using patent information for drawing insights.

Dr.Georgy Laptev, Dr Svetlana Shchelokova and Dmitry Shaytan form MSU and Dr. Karina Nazvanova and Arthur Pasazhennikov from Vladimir State University discussed with LUT partners the issues of technology/innovation management and technology forecasting.

OIPEC partners disseminate the project results. Representatives of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and High School of Economics took part in the OIPEC workshop.