Summer Schools at Lappeenranta University of Technology, July-August, 2017 - Lappeenranta

As part of the OIPEC training program, 4 students of Tianjin University has been sent to participate in courses “Systematic Creativity-TRIZ Basics” and “Inventive Product Design and Advanced TRIZ”, taught by Prof. Leonid Chechurin and Prof. Gaetano Cascini.

The topics were related to sustainable development. It taught how to formulate a model of inventive solution, several tools for creativity were: Triming, Ideal Final Result concept, Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE), Contradiction. These descriptive models used for analyzing design processes and behaviors, providing a structured and multi-disciplinary approach.

Through the courses at European partner’s institution, not only knowledge will be disseminated, the innovative teaching methodology can also be adopted. As reflected by the participants, attending the courses inspired them with both their future learning and teaching.

Reflection from participants:

As Ph.D students that are about to graduate and being teachers, we had observed a different and creative teaching methodology. For example, students were divided into four groups and each group was given one different topic to exercise the concepts and ideas that learned in the class. Then we had to try our best to earn credits for our own teams and the results will be checked by other groups and teachers, which is helpful for us to teach students to study the knowledge systematically in the further teaching careers.

-Yingdong He, Ph.D. student

Although the courses in two weeks were both given by Prof. Leonid Chechurin, they were in totally different styles. The courses of TRIZ Basics for the first week were in a more relaxed atmosphere, with a variety of games and group works. Students were divided into four groups. Each group was given one topic to exercise the concepts and ideas we learned in the class. We had to try our best to earn credits for our own teams.

The advanced courses in the second week were more serious. Prof. Leonid gave lectures to us with slides. Instead of teamwork, exercises were completed individually. No games or outdoor activities, but more intensive and inspiring.

It is an unforgettable experience for me. I really learned a lot. The most impressive content about TRIZ to me is Ideal Final Result, which is also the core of TRIZ. Ideal system is no system but the function is ensured. Ideally, the product appears itself when it is necessary and where it is necessary. It sounds magic but effectively prevents people from thinking inertia. Actually, the concept origins from traditional Chinese culture. Thousands years ago, Lao Tzu brought up the idea that an ideal ruler is no ruler but the society is in order.

This coincidences with my major, Industrial Engineering, which aims to reduce waste and improve benefits. It is always more economic to improve a system by trimming components by adding something. Just as Einstein said, make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. So I am very grateful that the two-week study really gave me much inspiration about improvement as well as creativity.

-Xinying Yao, Master student

It was a great experience during the two weeks. I attended the courses “Systematic creativity and TRIZ basics” and “Inventive Product Design and Advanced TRIZ”.  I learned how to innovate and solve problems based on TRIZ, and experienced a lot of fun from games and teamwork during classes.  The teaching methodology were amazing which impressed me most, it appears to be multiple, and focused on education for thinking. What I got was not just a fish, but learned how to fishing. Besides, the picturesque surroundings were also wonderful, and the wild blueberries were the best!

-Yuehua Li, Ph.D. student

Besides learning from PowerPoint, we also had a lot of impressive activities and warm discussions during these lectures. It's totally different from the domestic courses, and it's really something else. As a result, I learned some methods to innovate systematically and solve problem in an efficient way. Also, I got plenty of opportunities to communicate with various people and practice my oral English. In a word, as my first short-term abroad learning, I might add, it's a very good experience. And I hope for more chances like this to enrich myself.

-Ximing Sun, Master Student