Pilot Training Activities, October 23, 2017 - Hebei

The afternoon of the October 23, 2017, Doctoral students Jinpu Zhang, Doctor Dong (Yafan Dong), Doctor Wang (Yu Wang) and Doctor Zhang (Junlei Zhang) attended the course at “LUT Summer school”, Finland (24/7/2017-29/7/2017). They carried their experience OIPEC training in Finland to China, where they delivered the training to 90 of their master and undergraduate students of the college of mechanical engineering at Hebei University of Technology.

The training Schedule was as follows:

  1. The purpose of the OIPEC program
  2. The effort and profit achieved
  3. The current progress of the program
  4. What is “inventing” and how it differs from
  5. improvement” =“optimization”
  6. Why do we need new ideas?
  7. Why it is difficult to invent?
  8. Any methods/hints to become an inventor?
  9. What is the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving”?
  10. Evolution of Science of Innovation
  11. Cornerstones of TRIZ Product Innovation
  12. The TRIZ Product Innovation Roadmap
  13. How to use the TRIZ tools, such as function analysis, Sub-Field, and so on?
  14. What is “function analysis” and its importance.
  15. What is the “Sub-Field” and how to be shown?
  16. The explanation of application cases.
  17. Scientific Framework for Testing Creativity Enhancing Techniques.
  18. S curve and the law of technological evolution.
  19. A brief introduction of the development of TRIZ in Europe.
  20. The explanation of application cases.
  21. Panel discussion