OIPEC Workshop: University-Enterprise Joint Innovation, March 12, 2019 - Tianjin

On March 12, 2019, the OIPEC International workshop on Joint Innovation between university and Enterprises was successfully held in Tianjin, which was co-sponsored by the National Engineering Research Center for Technological Innovation Method and Tools, Hebei University of Technology (referred to as the "National Innovation Center" later), the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students and the International Technology Transfer Center. The meeting was launched within the framework of the "Open Innovation Platform for University - Enterprise Collaboration: New product, Business and Human capital development" project. This workshop is the practice and test of the open innovation platform and the new mode of personnel training.

The workshop was co-chaired by Professor Tan Runhua, Director of the National Center, and Professor Gaetano Cascini, Milan University of Technology, Italy. Professor Zhang Chengde, director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, and Professor Wang Xin, director of the International Technology Transfer Center participated in the meeting.

The workshop was held in the National Innovation Center's Innovation Method Hall and Technology Innovation Engineering Base. Three programs: "traceless fixing of small space household products wall", "profit model of self-service software system of printing shop", "how to improve the user's experience of "memory bread" system, selected by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of our university and incubated by our university independently introduced the current problems faced by enterprises. Under the open innovation platform built by OIPEC, OIPEC partners, the teachers from HEBUT, the students from HEBUT and also the engineers from enterprises to work together on the three projects. Under the guidance of European experts, the team members conduct intellectual interaction and discuss project solutions together.

After six hours of project group discussion, the questions were discussed and answered. Professor Gaetano Cascini commented on the project. The innovative solutions produced by this workshop have been unanimously recognized and highly appraised by the representatives of enterprises. Many representatives from enterprises said that they not only discussed the solutions to the practical problems of enterprises, but also learned the ideas and methods to deal with the problems, which is very conducive to the company's future innovation and development. Among them, "Printing shop self-service software system profitability model" put forward by the project team was especially highly praised by business leaders. And the responsible person of the enterprise said that they would put the program in place and enter the market operation within two months. At the same time, the seminar also provides a new model and platform for students to contact with enterprise face to face, systematically understand and apply problem-solving methods.