OIPEC Design Thinking Week, 23-27 January 2017 – Grenoble

Grenoble INP had the pleasure to welcome our Chinese and Russian Partners from Tianjin University, Vlamidir and Moscow State University.

The purpose of the week was to discover Grenoble University’s practice in terms teaching design thinking approaches to undergraduate students. The program alternated observation and meeting with students with visits to facilities and programs of the University. The program was articulated around a one-week intensive course for engineering students of Grenoble INP. This course is a project-based course that implements the main principle of design thinking, that is to say: observation, ideation, and materialization. The students were working in groups of 12 around 4 themes. They had to understand and gain knowledge on the topic, state the problem, generate concepts of solutions, select and materialize them, and, eventually to promote and present their result. We had the chance to visit another program from University Grenoble Alps (PROMISING: http://www.promising.fr/) dedicated to design thinking for managers and students of management schools. The Prototyping facility (Gi-Nova Platform) was the working place for the end of the week and we had the opportunity to be with the students during their prototyping phase. This week has been very fruitful and Grenoble INP has been very proud to share with the partners part of its best practice in project based innovation teaching.

Detailed calendar of the workshop