OIPEC COILab event, July 19-20, 2018 - Milan

Day 1: 19/07/2018

The event started at 9 am with the welcoming of the participants and addressing the agenda for day at Makers Hub in Milano. The co- creation workshop was called CHANGE YOUR POINT OF VIEW! Where we provided tools and experiences for SMEs development. Over 60 participants registered for the event. They were company representatives, a few students and PoliMi staff. This workshop was in collaboration with another EU project called EASME.

We welcomed and provided the Introduction of the co-design session on idea generation to our participants. The first hour was Ideation session using free brainstorming.

This session was facilitated with a structure and time control. In in end each team selected 3 best ideas to take into another round. Before the next round we had a 20 min networking break.

The next session was Ideation session using brainstorming with structured stimuli. We used these tools: Get inspired by nature, Digging in the past, Inspirational conflicts, System thinking and Ideation heuristics- to build on the selected ideas and later to completely come up with new ideas.  Each team had a facilitator who help the team in their selected method.

After 60 min, each team had to present their ideas generated in free brainstorming and using special ideation tools.  We had a similar COILab session in LUT and later we shared our final results with them via Skype.

After the lunch break Prof G. Cascini gave the introduction of OIPEC and COILabs (followed by next task addressing). The next was COILab activity called UNPACK CREATIVITY CANVAS. In this activity the participants presented their sustainability model and value proposition for COILabs. We got brilliants results using creativity canvas. This day ended with an aperitivo and presentation of results.


Day 2: 20/07/2018

Day 2 started with welcome and Introduction of the EASME project. Followed by the presentation by EASME participants at Spirit de Milan at 9 am.

This was followed by a presentation by Space for Inpiraction with Thales Alenia Space.

Later after lunch we had a presentation by CREA Summer Academy on start-up ideas followed by Slick® simulation activity.  Day 2 ended with an aperitivo and presentations of the activity results.