Course “Technology Forecasting and Researching Future”, July 4-8, 2016 - Milan

Svetlana Shchelokova from Lomonosov Moscow State University and Dr. Sun from Hebei University of Technology visited the course “Technology Forecasting and Researching Future” was held by Dmitry Kucharavy on July 4-8, 2016 at Politecnico di Milano. The course provides theoretical and practical skills about the modern methodologies for technological forecasting and prediction of system evolution. It covers a set of methods and techniques facilitating study about future changes, starting from problems of forecasting, existing solution for prediction and their limitations. Emerging approaches for long-term forecasting will be presented, with details about their main features, advantages and limitations in contexts of decision making and knowledge management.

Reports by Svetlana Shchelokova and Dr. Sun