Consortium Meeting, October 12, 2018 - Moscow

The consortium meeting started with a general update on the extension of the project, which was conditional to the achievement of the project objectives, and the budget allocated.

The main topic of the discussion for the consortium meeting was:

  • COILabs set-up: Update on OIPEC-curriculum. Translations and adaptations of educational materials to be provided by the partner universities. The contribution to the COILab Handbooks on how to deliver the training to the diverse target groups by each partner.
  • Update on the list of pilot training activities with detailed reference to the OIPEC curriculum by CH/RU partners.
  • Plans for the future COILabs pilot activities were made and updated on the COILabs operations: plan next COILab activities: COILabs training activities such as the 1) Pilot course on new product and service development at VISU (September-October 2018); 2) 2nd edition of OIPEC-based training @VISU (after 1st year revision, 3 modules) - (Oct 18-Feb 19); 3) PBL on prototyping @MSU for entrepreneurs with supporting companies (Dec 18-Jan 19), 4) Open Innovation at HEBUT (Oct 18-Feb 19) were finalised. COILabs projects such as 1) Initiatives for SMEs applying for Vladimir regional funds for product innovation (beginning of October 2018); 2)  Open Innovation Projects with companies at TJU with COILab partners (Oct 18-Jan 19); 3) COILab activities at MSU with new equipment.
  • Project Management: Update on the documents for audit and semester internal report to be submitted by the partners.