Consortium Meeting, March 13, 2019 - Tianjin

The consortium meeting started at 8:30 am at Tianjin Riverside hotel. It was the last meeting and all the consortium members were present. The topics discussed that day were: Overview of the last COILab actions at TJU and HEBUT, Future of COILabs, Status of deliverables and Draft Financial statement.

Following the reflections on the COILab activity in Tianjin on March 11-12th 2019, was the overview of the last COILab actions, the following points were discussed regarding

Educationin academia and Training to companies:

  • What is the impact of OIPEC contents (as referred in the OIPEC curriculum) on MSU/VISU/TJU/HEBUT educational and training activities on new product development?
  • What changed thanks to this collaborative project?
  • What were (at least 3) things that 3 years ago (when OIPEC started) were different in your educational programme?
  • The second half of the morning was dedicated to the discussion of the future of the COILabs, which consisted of the:
    • List of potential agreements/contracts on medium/long term signed by the beneficiaries,
    • future possible funding options once the project is over;
    • Institutional meetings to establish potential collaborations
  • List of academic (including Technology Transfer Office, Local Agency Promoting Innovation/New entrepreneurship) and industrial subjects (Big Companies, SMEs – manufacturing, ICT services) touched by the entrepreneurial network (EU/RU/CH partners)
  • Potential supporters and participants to further COILab actions on national or international level
  • This was followed by the statements and update on the financial documents and the WP deliverables to be submitted by the partners.
  • The meeting was concluded with the decided deadlines for submission of the documents and dates for the web meeting to follow up on them.