Consortium Meeting, January 24-26, 2018 - Milan

Day 1: 24/01/2018

The meeting started at 9 am with the welcoming of the consortium members and addressing the agenda for day at PoliMi. The following topics for the day 1 were: updating OIPEC curriculum, status of the pilot training activities and an update on quality control activities (before the lunch break). The outcomes of the discussions were as follows:

  • References of the curriculum: To be checked for external references have content directly usable for the learning units that point to it (POLIMI for English sources, MSU for Russian sources, TJU for Chinese sources). The learning outcome to be reframed if no reference is available. Check for the copyright/license and other accessibility constraints. Check if external references are accessible from China and if not try to obtain the permission of having a local copy on the in Chinese universities repository (TJU and HEBUT)
  • The possibility of adding business exploitation examples as a sub learning unit to additive manufacturing course.
  • Revising the structure of the “Innovative methods” section and avoid overlaps of contents between different learning units.
  • Define/Revise the module on innovation management and open innovation also suitable for an executive programme (GINP workshop on 29/1/18)
  • Check what educational activities are published on the OIPEC web site and check if they are in the activities register; possibly add a link to the host university web site.
  • Each university responsible of an item in the activities register should fill in the report form as required by the quality team.
  •  In the next Consortium meeting we should check of what has been done to provide more tangible KPIs.

After the lunch break, the day was occupied by the workshop with the ROLD company where the student teams from POliMi and MSU presented the outcome of their projects with the company. The winner was declared, and prizes were given to the best project.

Day 2: 25/01/2018

The consortium members gathered at 9 am at PoliMi to transfer to PoliHub where there was a meeting with PoliHub and its incubator companies about their working on open innovation model.

The second half of the day COILab business model was discussed and these were the outcomes:

  • POLIMI drafts organization and essential processes of COILabsstarting from the basic model produced in the Consortium meeting at LUT in October 2017 (by 25 Feb)
  • ALL partners propose an adaptation of the proposed COILabs organization and processes according to their specific context (by 18 Mar)
  • Revision of the general COILabs model by comparing the adaptations of all OIPEC partners (by the Consortium meeting in Russia)
  • Make first test of the proposed structure and process with application projects by August)
  • Finalise core set of features of COILabs shared by all partners to ensure networking

Later, the same evening there was an interactive session by Space4Inspiraction where they gave examples of different types of collaborations between their design students and European Space Agency.

Day 3: 26/01/2018

The last started with the meeting with "Design for enterprises" where the talk were about open innovation and design driven innovation, user centric design and lean startup. They gave the insight about the interaction with the companies they have while delivering courses to them.

Later after lunch Project Management and Communication and Dissemination were discussed where future project activities and deadline and a plan for communication events were decided. The 3 days OIPEC consortium meeting in Milan ended after deciding the list of action items and responsibilities for continuation of the project.