Consortium Meeting, April 23-24, 2018 - Vladimir

OIPEC Consortium meeting was held in Vladimir, Russia on April 23rd-24th 2018.

Day 1: 23/04/2018

Day1 started at VISU at 9 am with Welcome and Agenda by G. Cascini and (PoliMI) and P.Zakharov (VISU). Followed by a presentation by Space4Inspiraction to show an example collaborations between design students and European Space Agency by A. Dominioni and B. Quaquaro (PoliMI).

The presentations from VISU on their COILabs activity were as follows: Laser synthesis of a nanomaterials and possibility of their commercial application by A. Kucherik and on Innovation Infrastructure of Vladimir State University: Experience in the Creating and Development of Small Innovative Enterprises by E. Prusov.

After the break there were presentations by Monica Rossi from PoliMi on meeting with “Design for Enterprises”:

  • Open Innovation and Design Driven Innovation
  • User Centric Design
  • Lean Startup

First half of day 1 ended with meeting the rector of VISU and discussion on future training activities and COILab implementation in Russia.

After the lunch break the whole evening was occupied by the session on OI management course for OIPEC curriculum. The objectives of the session were:

  • create draft of the syllabus of the OIPEC
  • Executive program in paradigm of OI
  • Select the teaching materials for development
  • Discussion with partners of the teaching materials for development OIPEC executive program in paradigm of OI.
  • Presentation of the OI experts from LUT and joint discussion with OIPEC partners

Day 2: 24/04/2018

The meeting started at 9 am with the continuation of the day1 session on OI management. The objectives of this session were:

  • Adapt the teaching materials provided by LUT for OIPEC Curriculum.
  • Presentation of the OI experts from LUT and joint discussion with OIPEC partners.

There was a Parallel Session on E-learning as perspective way of rising efficiently of collaboration between Universities and Business-Structures by L. Chechurin (LUT).


Later after the lunch there was COILabs models and activity discussion

  • OIPEC curriculum: (Open) Innovation Management
    • Discussion about this course in the curriculum with the help of LUT OI team. They provided help in organising the sub units, knowledge and skills of OI management.
    • The OI team from LUT provided references as well as sources of information which could contribute to our curriculum building.
  • Further actions on OIPEC curriculum were as follows:
  • Check skills/knowledge and abilities from OI-NET survey and from GINP Innovation Management sources
  • Finalize/Check knowledge, skills learning outcomes and references
  • Assign ECTS points
  • By May first draft by POLIMI and GINP, review by all partners in June, testing in July-August
  • Select subset of units for OIPEC Executive Programme
  • Update list of pilot training activities with detailed reference to the OIPEC curriculum
  • Handbook on how to deliver the training to the diverse target groups
  • The indicators we should be ready to provide for accounting our project activities, including final statements all partners will have to make at the end of the project.
  • The draft model of the COILab process we (POLIMI) built as a reference on the activities that COILabs might perform, based on our experience; customizations will be certainly possible, based on country’s need.
  • The meeting ended at 18:00.