“Collaborative Open Innovation Laboratory”

COILab provides trainings on latest systems and processes being used by universities to manage open innovation collaborative projects with enterprises related to technology transfer activities. 

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Operations of “Collaborative Open Innovation Labs” for multi-country co-creation activities in developing, validating concept and management of new product/service at other (means cross-border) markets.

The goals of the project were:

• The creation of a platform that supports partnerships between universities and enterprises by providing easy access to universities’ expertise for small and medium enterprises

• The increase of the collaborative activities between universities and enterprises, with the aim of generating novel products/services or improving existing ones.

Handbook for Universities

Handbook for SMEs

Participant Profile

The COILabs relies on in depth analysis, profiles development, and step by step relationship building with stakeholders among whom there are sources of sustainability resources and potential clients: federal and regional governments, corporations and SMEs, wealthy entrepreneurs. OIPEC outcomes are designed to reflect stakeholders/clients’ needs.

The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the diverse needs. Therefore, students from business, management, engineering/ design and marketing could take part in COILab projects.


The platform consists of a training course and an executive program to improve competences of enterprises’ staff in innovation management and new product/service development. See full list of course in COILabs Curriculum.

Concept development area (Module B): focused on design thinking and raw prototyping.

Rapid prototyping area (Module A): providing both
design and operational skills.

Entrepreneurial area (Module C): to support the
development and validation of business concepts.

Executive program
Developed education materials provide competences
for enterprise managers in new product development
and in managing university-enterprise relationships in
open innovation platform paradigm. See Executive COILabs Curriculum.


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Prof. Gaetano Cascini

Prof. Leonid Chechurin

Prof. Jean-François Boujut

Dr. Georgy D. Laptev

Prof. Lin Zhao

Prof. Pavel Zakharov

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