COILabs Prototype Course, September 18, 2017 - Tianjin

COILabs prototype course of TJU starts in September 2017.

“Applied Entrepreneurship”, a course defined as the prototype course of OIPEC COILabs course “Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, starts on September 18th, 2017. There are five companies and 30 undergraduate students with different backgrounds participate in the course, since the course aims at promoting students to help companies figure out the real problems and develop their ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. All of the companies are SMEs and belong to different industry areas such as printing, media, IT, engineering, etc. To complete the course, students and entrepreneurs will cooperate as a team. The six companies bring up one case respectively at the beginning of the course and the students will create fresh and innovative ideas based on what they learn during the class. During the first class, professor Chundong Zheng introduced the five companies one by one and every representative from the companies pick one group and break the ice.