Co-creation Design Session Innovation Product Development, 22-25 January, 2019 - Moscow

The idea of 4-day deep-dive COlLab co-creation design session (C2DS) was to improve the competences of the of project team members in product development and help them take the next step in innovation product development:

#1.Technical issues related to creation of the functional device, #2.Use case.

During 4 days (22-25 January 2019) entrepreneurial teams worked on the following projects:

#1. Entrepreneurial product team “Automatic Spot Cleaner”

#2. Entrepreneurial product team “Digital Stethoscope for Self-use”

#3. Entrepreneurial product team “Cutting Tablets Device” (please,

#4. Entrepreneurial product team “Traction Control Car Device”

Deep-dive COILab C2DS consisted of interactive workshops, couching and project team work in prototyping (MFsP - minimum feature set product development) and testing MFsP with potential users.

Entrepreneurial teams worked under supervision and consulting support of partner team of OIPEC project:

- Politecnico di Milano (PoliMI, Italy): Gaetano Cascini, Monica Rossi.

- Grenoble Institute of Technology (GINP, France): Jean-Francois Boujut

- Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT, Finland): Leonid Chechurin, Iuliia Shnai

- Vladimir State University (VISU, Russia): Alex Zhdanov, Leonid Beljaev, Pavel Zakharov.

- Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU, Russia): Daniil Leonov, Alex Nikolaev, Alex Altoukhov, Georgy Laptev, Dmitry Shaytan, Svetlana Shchelokova.