“Applied Entrepreneurship” Course, December 18, 2017 - Tianjin

The prototype course “Applied Entrepreneurship” ends on December 18th, 2017.

The last session of “Applied Entrepreneurship” is completed on Dec. 18th at Xuanhuai School of Tianjin University. “Applied Entrepreneurship” is set as an elective course related to innovation and entrepreneurship, which faces to all of the undergraduate students of Tianjin University, participants from SMEs and incubators. There are 30 students, 11participants from SMEs and incubators and 7 professors participated in the course. “Applied Entrepreneurship” covers three sessions and four modules during the whole process, where participants from SMEs and incubators not only have to demonstrate their projects and problems that they want to solve by the course, but also promote students to practice and investigate with help. Moreover, in order to utilize the methods to solve real problems provided by companies, students have to understand the basic knowledge that include opportunity identification and idea generation, applied entrepreneurship and business model.

This course acts as a prototype course of OIPEC COILabs course “Applied Innovation and Entrepreneursip”. This course not only gives students exposure to the real company needs and confusion, but also promotes students to investigate the industry and customers. Students figure out how to make business plan and develop plan during the investigation and research, which makes students be able to walk out of the university “Ivory Tower” bravely. Besides, the teaching methods allowing students to study more specifically, such as targeting on according to current social situation and tendency. According to the feedbacks, this “class learning and discussion + practice off class and investigation + period group exhibition” is welcomed by both students and entrepreneurs. And through this course, students can learn and help to solve real problems, while entrepreneurs can be inspired for new innovation opportunities, which can be regarded as win-win.